Tips: How to maximize|speed up mozilla firefox(for slow Internet connection)

>Simple-easy way to Maximize firefox(to speed up your mozilla firefox),i means how to make mozilla firefox run faster,better,increase speed for slow Internet connection..(tips trik cara mudah mempercepat mozilla firefox..)
How to maximize|speed up mozilla firefox for slow Internet connection,tips trik cara mempercepat mozilla firefox

Do the following simple new trick tips..(but be careful don’t mess up other settings)

1.. In the address bar type about:config

2.. Click on “I’ll be careful,I promise!” button.

3.. Search for “pipelining” in filter box.

4.. Modify value as follow..

5.. Close the window and restart Firefox.You are done..
This is the best settings for slower(dial-up/mobile ppp) connection.

Thats it, I have alrady test it.It works fine and I tried it out and my pages load quite a bit faster..

** You can also go to  Start menu=>run=>type" ping "the url site" -t-|3 or -t  =>press enter...
ex: (ping -t-|-3) or (ping -t ) ping www. ..     try and experience your self..

** ^_^ check to :
2nd,other way otak-atik mozilla firefox |trick tips cara mudah mempercepat mozilla firefox
and  kumpulan shortcut computer untuk mempercepat proses kinerja kita pada saat menjalankan/menggunakan komputer/laptop
Thanks 4 read.. happy blogging and enjoy..


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