Ninja Warz Easy EXP + TIPS December

Bertarung dengan Pemain berlevel tinggi yang hanya menggunakan White Belts. !! Wow,, EXPnya udah past ngalir deress. lvl56 lvl267 lvl23 lvl29 lvl22 lvl24 lvl24 lvl19 lvl63 lvl20 lvl32 lvl43 lvl4 lvl9 lvl8 lvl3 lvl155 lvl 179 lvl89

white belts only: lv:56 lv:267 lv:23 lv:29 lv:22 lv:24 lv:24 lv:19 lv:63 lv:20 lv:32 lv:43 lv:171 lv:4 lv:9 lv:8 lv:3 lv:18                         lv:19 lv:22 lv:23 lv:24 lv:24 lv:29 lv:32 lv:43 lv:56 lv:63 lv:171 lv:267 lvl56 lvl267 lvl23 lvl29 lvl22 lvl24 lvl24 lvl19 lvl63 lvl20 lvl32 lvl43 lvl171 lvl4 lvl9 lvl8 lvl3 lvl155 lvl 179 lvl89

FIRST TIP-If you click fight me on the profile you get more XP!
SECOND TIP-In the tutorial instead of going to the fight ballon go here and click fight me you well get 22 karma!
THIRD TIP-Tipe in the domyo(buda statue)up up down down left right left ight B A Enter see wha happen!


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